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What is the investment requirements for a Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza Franchise ?
The total investment to develop a Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza will range from (RM 150,000 – RM 350,000) inclusive of a franchise fee, depending on the size of the premises. This includes all fees, fixtures, equipment, inventory & operation systems.

The initial franchise fee is RM 35,000 per Kiosk & RM 70,000 store is due upon signing the franchise agreement.

Royalty Fee
An ongoing royalty fee 5% of gross turnover is payable monthly.

Advertising & Marketing Fund

All Franchise are required to contribute to a Marketing Contribution Fund. The advertising contribution is a monthly 2.5 percentage of turnover contribution, which goes to a Marketing Fund. The Marketing Fund uses the funds towards national & local marketing and other activities to which the whole Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza franchise system will benefit.
Does Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza provide financing?
No, we do no offer direct or indirect financing, nor do we guarantee your loans, leases, or other obligations. Obtaining financing for your Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza is one of the steps that you will need to complete on your own. However, we can provide you a list of companies that specialize in restaurant and restaurant equipment financing.
What kind of experience would make me a Qualified Application?
Obviously, applicants who have managed people in the restaurant industry or the pizza delivery business are specially well-prepared for the work required. Retail managers or those who have retail business experience also have very useful skills. While such experience is helpful, it certainly is not a requirement. Most people in the restaurant business today came from totally unrelated fields without any intention of owning a restaurant. Our extensive training program and the ongoing guidance from our management team more than prepares you to manage and operate your store.
Do I have to personally manage my store?
Yes, We are an owner/operator franchise system. At least one partner has to maintain a 50 percent ownership in the operating company and must be involved full-time in day-to-day operations.
What is a Disclosure Document and a franchise Agreement?
These documents explain the key points of the franchise relationship, including all services and support the franchisee can expect of Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza, and the legal franchise agreement. Because they are complex and detailed documents we will not send them directly to you. We prefer you receive it in person, that way, we can walk you through each section to ensure you understand each party’s obligations to one another.
How much can a Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza store earn?
The amount of money you may earn will depend on many factors, including how well you manage your store and control variable costs, local marketing and advertising, the cost of your investment, and other circumstances. However, we will provide “earnings indicators”. These estimates contain certain historical sales information for existing Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza stores as well average cost information.
How long does it takes to open a Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza store?
On average, it will take 10 to 12 weeks from the time you sign the franchise contract & lease to the time you open your doors.
How do I know another Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza franchise will not built across the street or down the road from my location?
Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza will grant you a specific “Exclusive Territory” surrounding your store, which prohibits development of another store within that area. The Franchise Agreement discusses this subject in greater detail.
Do franchisees pay a continuing fee or Royalty?
Franchisees pay a fee (5%) of gross sales on a monthly basis. This fee permits you to use the Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza name, trademarks, logos, and operating systems. It also provided access to new product and systems development, purchasing power discounts, and continuous and comprehensive support.
What about Advertising and Advertising Fees?
Franchisees are required to contribute each calendar month an amount equal to (3.5%) of their gross sales to an advertising and marketing fund. This fund is used to meet any and all costs of maintaining, administering, directing, and developing advertising and marketing materials for the Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza.
Do I need a fleet of cars to maintain Delivery Service?
You will employ delivery Riders (sub-contractors) possessing satisfactory driving records, valid drivers licenses, and insurance. Drivers provide their own vehicles. Maintenance and upkeep. Typically, drivers are compensated on the basis of an hourly wage plus a delivery surcharges.
What about areas that are not develop yet?
New markets are developed in a contiguous method. Once one market is developed to an acceptable level of owners and stores, our development team & operational staff then focus development efforts.
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